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GRGados-Anti-DDoS Firewall


Anti-DDoS Firewall

GRGBanking’s Anti-DDoS System, GRGados, is a firewall against all types of DDoS attacks with instant response times. It is equipped with big data analysis for various network traffic types of models to achieve high system protection performance.

• Source authentication checks and deep learning inspection technology filters 99.8% of illegal access to ensure stable enterprise network availability.
• Block DDoS attacks and minimize security down times and losses.
• Network and application layer attack filtering to make business run as usual and maintain an excellent user experience.
• All system protection algorithms developed by GRGBanking with years of financial security experience, including connection proxies, data forwarding, and data detection.
• Intelligent parallel data handling engines to protect enterprise networks against large volume and concurrent attacks.
• PNP & idiot-proof design to ensure flexible and rapid system deployment.

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