GRGBanking's Global Customer Exchange 2020 was successfully launched

This year's Global Customer Exchange (GCE) was a full on-line event on that started on 16th, November 2020, attracting more than 1,000 attendees from over 80 countries, which led to a brain storming session addressing the topic of “Innovation for a Better Life”.

This event is tailored to enhance customer engagement and boost multi-industry transformation, with the insights from various customers and the integration of advanced solutions.


Insights & Thinking from customers & experts of various industries

GRGBanking's latest innovative solutions are initially introduced in this event. Applied in various business scenarios, solutions include office building management, hotels, marketing, and much more. With each solution, we strive to enhance business practices that will impact the world to lead to a better life.


Multi-Industry smart marketing solution

GCE 2020 will last 4 weeks for more exploration, networking, and discussion applicable for your business needs. No matter where you are, you are all welcome to join us for an innovative journey.