The pace of technology innovation continues at an unbelievable speed. The expectations of customers are growing fast.

With financial technology advancing and traditional business shrinking, transformation has become a priority. Sweeping through the different industries, retail banking, intelligent banking, chatbots, and other emerging automation technologies are significantly reshaping the ATM industry landscape as well as the whole banking industry, instead of standing still, all the practitioners are striving to keep relevant and competitive.

The future is constantly being innovated and evolve through rapid developments in the fields of Internet of Things, big data, robotics, block chain technology, augmented reality, and rapid prototyping technologies. It enables us to re-think the future we work and live.

We are here to introduce how innovation impacts on the future transformation with intelligence. We pay our full attention to the future. Join GRGBanking’s GCE event on 16th November 2020 and take an intelligent journey to explore more innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

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