Intelligent Electronic Lock Solution

Biometric Keys

Dynamic Passwords

Flexible Process

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G-Locks is one innovative electronic lock solution for multiple industries, which consists of flexible lock terminals and one efficient management system. It works with leading-edge security technologies as dynamic passwords and biometric recognitions. Reinvent the protection process with enhanced safety and efficiency.



Dual verification

A user needs to use both their PIN code (can be biometric) and an OTC (one-time code) to open the lock. 

Various PIN codes

Dynamic combinations, fingerprints, and finger veins all can be used as your PIN code during verification.

Reinforced monitoring 

The close codes, which are created by the locks, help the iGMS system track the status of each lock. The same function can be automatically realized when the lock is connected to the iGMS system via ethernet internet. 

One-time Code

An OTC is created by the iGMS system, which runs the same encrypted algorithm on the locks to provide reliable protection.

Historical records

All activities will be recorded in the iGMS system, which supports real-time auditing and customized reports. 

Flexible deployment

The hardware design of GLocks follows the market standards, which provides easy deployment on new machines and easily replace for old locks. 


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