GRGBanking Smart Marketing Platform: An Engine Boosting Banking Digitalization

Recently, GRGBanking has continuously won some digital marketing projects, focusing on the core needs of banks and further improving its capability in smart marketing for branch transformation.
The projects won by GRGBanking cover smart marketing for corporate banking, retail banking, digital currency, merchants, and many other scenarios. GRGBanking has conducted digital RMB marketing projects for China Construction Bank (CCB) and China Bank of Communications (CBC) in Zhejiang Province and online marketing projects for Guangdong CBC and Jiangxi Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).
Retail banking has gradually become a "new frontier" for banks' profit growth. Major banks continue accelerating their financial technology empowerment, and corporate and retail banking digital transformation will usher in innovative changes.
Leveraging GRGBanking's digital smart marketing platform, Jiangxi ICBC's Big Retail online marketing campaign can reach customers through various channels such as the mobile banking app, ICBC e-Life app, and WeChat. The platform's smart marketing decision engine can provide customer life-cycle management and help the bank expand retail banking scenarios, achieve high-quality customer acquisition, enhance customer value, and create a competitive edge. The smart marketing project for Zhejiang CBC's digital RMB will integrate GRGBanking's digital marketing platform to expand the digital RMB scenarios for accurate customer acquisition and sales, helping the bank gain the initiative in digital RMB pilot cities.
Finance + Scenarios Solutions
Following the digital transformation trend, GRGBanking launched a full-stack solution, the Smart Brain, to promote digital transformation in corporate banking and retail banking. The solution is based on GRGBanking's marketing data middle-ground product. It leverages the advantage of its intelligent marketing decision engine to realize the construction of full-scenario digital operation capability, including cloud studio, smart marketing system, enterprise WeChat private sphere SCRM platform, value-added credit points platform, customer group life-cycle management system, merchant integrated marketing service platform, and digital currency marketing platform.
GRGBanking's full-stack solution adopts a cooperation model, integrating data middle-ground, smart marketing decision engine, digital precise marketing management, and digital customer acquisition and operation team. It promotes digital customer acquisition, bulk customer management, flow management, grid management, and asset enhancement to optimize corporate banking and retail banking.
GRGBanking will continue focusing on customer-centric development and optimizing digital marketing platforms to reach customers' potential needs and provide integrated services, to help banks build a powerful engine for the new stage of digital transformation and win the future of digital finance.