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Tackle pandemics with biometrics to resume work as usual

COVID-19 has changed our living. To protect our safety, most businesses shut down for quarantine to stop the infection between people. Unfortunately, this situation has become longer than expected and still influences our life today. How can we return to everyday work and living environments under this challenge? We have collaborated with multiple customers to explore the possibility and make that dream come true!
Our FasTer series can establish a touch-less experience around work environments for daily access and attendance control. Stop pandemic spreading terminals that need constant disinfecting due to using touch technology like fingerprints. Additionally, detect human body temperatures to monitor the daily status of people around the workplace and set up alerts for any potential risk to stop more infections. Reshape the working environment and methods to help customers embrace new challenges under unpredictable pandemic periods.
Tackle pandemics with biometrics to resume work as usual

Facial recognition  makes access intelligent

For heavy visiting traffic in your office building, how can you improve the customer experience and reduce pressure for management at the same time? Look into this case for more information and learn how we realized this with our customers.
Facial recognition technology on entrance control devices can improve passenger's satisfaction through valid touch-less authentication and pass. With biometric-based badges as the new “office key”, users don't have any worry about carrying physical cards or badges. Even for visitors, biometrics also can be used a temporary badge in various locations. Just by casually passing by a terminal, you can enter authorized locations almost instantly that cannot compare to the time wasted using badges or QR code readers saving you precious time during rush hour.
Remove the limitation of carrying physical keys from our work environments in this digital era. This is an excellent example to show us the direction to leverage technology for smarter access control systems.
Facial recognition makes access intelligent

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