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Efficiency is key to today’s economy

The obsolete way of handling cash in retails is threating the profitability of retail owners as the labor costs keep climbing up rapidly along with the unforeseen economy. See how GRGBanking's retail solution help improve efficiency while cutting the costs.

Retail Finance

Retail scenarios always see vast circulation of cash requiring intense security measures to protect assets. GRGBanking provides entry-level cash processing equipment that caters to different retail procedures and environments. Wide service and high visibility also make them ideal choices for IAD venues.

✓ Cost-effective solution
✓ Wide service extension and customization
✓ Flexible deployment
Retail Finance

Back-office Cash Collection Solution

GRGBanking's back-office cash collection solution offers retailers a state-of-the-art cash processing terminals and software solutions to enable maximized cash recycling within the stores to reduce CIT costs and significantly improve efficiency and security of cash collection process for retailers.

✓ Turn-key solution
✓ Utmost in-store cash recycling
✓ Real-time credit

High Speed Cash Deposit Machine
Intelligent Cash Deposit Machine
Back-office Cash Collection Solution
Self-Service Solutions
New-generation self-service solutions need no employees for checking out any more! By simply attaching goods in store with smart tags, customer self-service check-out and stock management are made easy and seamless.

✓ Significantly Less Labor Cost
✓ Seamless Stock management
✓ Unprecedented shopping experience
Self-Service Solutions

New Generation Retail

As the COVID pandemic is among us, people are seeking for safer ways to pay without getting exposed to the virus. Cashless payment solutions and cashless POS systems using contactless methods are trending in the retail industry. QR codes, NFC payments with smart phones, bank cards, or biometrics can be integrating into your retail store today. These payments are available now with GRGBanking's next generation retail solution.

✓ Contactless Payment
✓ Turn-key Solution Package
✓ Great customer experience
New Generation Retail

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