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We are working together to create workplaces where anything is intelligent.
With digital solutions everything can even be controlled efficiently,
giving your staff and customers a better sense of hospitability.

Intelligence creating , autonomous services

Driven by artificial intelligence technology, every machine inside buildings can sense and think like humans. Some know how to see, how to think, how to remember, and how to improve. Say goodbye to cold metal sensation between machines and humans, but instead welcome a warmer and more friendly avenue leveraging technology for your workspaces.

Versatile Entrance Control

Our Robust PassGate series are versatile high-speed gates for various scenario applications around workplaces. It is used to facilitate passage efficiency for all employees and visitors. Optional extra functions like human body temperature detection, even provide better safety and security protection against COVID-19 to pre-screen any potential sick staff or visitors. Let’s make  business back to normal.

✓ Sophisticated quality ensures leading performance
✓ Facial recognition enables touchless passage
✓ Flexible configurations support various business modes
Versatile Entrance Control

Flexible Access & Attendance

Portable FasTer series are versatile access control terminals that adapt to different access points. Driven by leading facial recognition technology, employees do not need to worry about losing employee cards or remembering passwords for access and attendance logging during their workdays. With this touchless solution, create a safer and more hygienic work environment for your enterprise.

✓ Face recognition enables property free experience
✓ Multiple authentications enhance security protection
✓ Human body temperature detection ensures secure workplaces
Flexible Access & Attendance

Autonomous Visitor Management

Digitize your outdated visitor management system that can introduce an efficient and user-friendly experience for your new receptions. Our innovative self-service kiosks can not only result in more efficiency but also provide better experience for your customers and visitors in your business.

✓ Smart ID document reading enables automatic KYC procedure
✓ Multiple visiting badges dispense full-scale support business
✓ Biometric technology integration enhances security protection
Autonomous Visitor Management

All-in-one System

As a super brain for all users and devices management, our FEEL Access system has a the solid capability to arrange all data and events desired by our customers. A user-friendly interface allows managers to quickly go through data statistics and review all events to make informed business and operation decisions.

✓ Web-based structure enables flexible management
✓ Multiple devices connection ensures full-scale control
✓ Modular options provide flexible business options
All-in-one System

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