In order to improve the work efficiency of GRG overseas support and to provide our overseas customer with a more professional technical support platform, GRGBanking has developed “eSupport Center” with a web based user interface, which integrates ticket management system, warehouse management system, training systems, project management platform and technical library. Each user can logon to eSupport center to get access to the appropriate subsystem interface. Through platform integration, ”eSupport Center” simplifies user operation, improve the user's experience for each subsystem.

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     eTraining Center

GRGBanking eTraining Center is the one-window solution to meet the training needs of our clients. eTraining Center is a easy to use and easy to access online training system, through which our clients can view the offered training courses and course structure, apply for different training courses, get access to video tutorials and other training materials after taking the course and track their certification records.

      Project Management Platform

Project Management Platform is a software project management system, which includes details of each project. The scope of project management covers the software projects throughout the development process, including tasks to be achieved, possible risks, required resources (people, hardware/software) , cost associated with workload, scheduling, etc. At the initial phase of a project, the project manager can register the project in the system and thereafter the technical development will start. The project manager will monitor and manage the entire project by following up the progress of the project and update the project status regularly. One project can be closed only after completing the targeted task.

      Ticket Management System

Whenever you face any ATM technical problems, you can send an email to our technical support email address: . Your technical support request will be logged and a ticket will be generated against your request and will be saved in our Tickets management system. Our GTSC technical support team will give you a quick response and. After your technical problems are accepted, you can check the process in our Tickets management system and you will get the professional solutions from our GTSC technical support team. Moreover, you can get access to the vast archive of FAQ and technical documents in our System, which can help you to solve the technical problems quickly.

Technical Support

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With the self-service channel in financial service becoming more and more pervasive, the profit and brand reputation of financial institution are more dependent than ever on the technology solutions. As a leading provider of cash processing technology, GRGbanking is striving to offer our customers and partners a world-class support, responsive service as well as customized solutions for optimized operation.

GRGbanking has established the widest ATM service network in China and a number of service centers overseas. Our industry-leading technical supports are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and include:

Software-engineering service

With years of experience in software engineering services, our highly skilled professionals are ready to provide you a wide range of software service covers  multi-vendor terminal software, system security software, monitoring software, remote distribution and management software, and offer software engineering service includes software customization, function development, system integration and software upgrade & version management.

Customer support services

To help you to grow your business, our dedicated Customer support team focus on offering you world-class remote or on-site customer support solutions, which include hardware and software support, Technical consultancy, troubleshooting, first line / second line maintenance, preventive maintenance, random inspection, reporting analysis service and etc..

Spare parts service

We understand that even the smallest parts can bring your entire system to a halt. So we've built a spare parts service that provides you an optimum supply of spare parts.

Knowledge service

In order to keep you updated with the latest development in the industry and simplify your operations, our knowledge services cover a wide range of technical and managerial training, tailored training courses, practice-oriented seminars, document service, consultation, and online learning opportunities.


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The technology is ever evolving, thus everyone in financial industry has to update the skill and knowledge in time. To help our customers and partners to increase system availability and employee productivity. GRGBanking technical training provides practical engineering skills for industry. Our training programs can be divided into two categories:

Technical training

To ensure the complicated equipment well serviced, all the service engineers need to quickly acquire technical knowledge and service skills, thus skillfully perform tasks after receiving professional training. GRGBanking technical training provides product and technology training covering hardware principle, maintenance and repair in different levels to help engineers improve service skills.

Managerial training

To facilitate communications and enable customer’s business success by improving their internal management in after-sales aspect, GRGBanking also provides managerial training covering business process management, spare parts management solution, ATM security best practice, etc.