ESQ’s RMM Agent Certified on GRGBanking Terminals

Cupertino, CALIF. (December 17, 2021) – ESQ Business Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful verification and integration of its Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Agent on select GRGBanking terminals. A joint effort between two industry leaders serving as the start of a strategic relationship that focuses on delivering a superior ATM experience for customers around the globe.
GRGBanking’s understanding of complex issues facing financial institutions, its dedication to short deployment times, and cost efficiency focus are all uniquely complementary to how ESQ operates,” explained Paul Sandhu, Chief Executive Officer at ESQ. “Both companies possess global footprints that continue to grow. Taking this into consideration, the relationship will be very advantageous for customers to easily deploy ATMs within an ecosystem and expand market opportunities into more complex operating systems.
OperationsBridge™, ESQ’s flagship ATM/self-service monitoring and management platform, is a best-in-class software used by top financial institutions. At the heart of OperationsBridge™ is a sophisticated RMM Agent designed for ATMs and other self-service devices across multi-vendor environments. When combined with GRGBanking’s innovative ATM terminals and the broad range of services these terminals offer, the result provides customers with a holistic solution that reveals immense cost and operational benefits. The joint solution will shorten customers’ deployment time by removing the need to execute any further integration steps between the two technologies. Additionally, the RMM Agent certification empowers customers to ease the manageability of GRGBanking ATMs by utilizing ESQ’s Software as a Service offering, Cloudexa.
GRGBanking’s world-class DT7000, H series of terminals, is the primary focus for the validation engagement, targeting customers considering cash recycling, cash deposit automation, and cash dispensing, respectively. “With the normalization of Remote Monitoring and Management for the ATM network, it is incredibly useful to troubleshoot smaller issues before escalating,” explained Michael Liu, president at GRG America Inc. “The integration with ESQ’s platform increases more productivity and efficiencies of financial terminals to allow financial institutions to focus on their core competencies.
The verification and integration between the respective technologies is the result of two organizations that are committed to positively influencing the financial services industry for many years to come. As such, ESQ and GRGBanking continue to collaborate on the significant possibilities this relationship holds, “We look forward to building a strong partnership with GRGBanking over time by unlocking the full potential of both company’s technologies and placing institutions on the best path for success,” mentioned Sandhu. “The industry should look forward to the innovation that is yet to come.
ESQ’s RMM Agent Certified on GRGBanking Terminals
GRGBanking Company Overview
About GRGBanking:
GRGBanking is a well-known provider in the intelligent finance industry, and aims to become a leading innovative solutions provider in the world with its advanced technologies and solutions. Leveraging in-depth knowledge of innovative technology and applicable scenarios, GRGBanking builds solutions with high value, short deployment times and cost efficiency for its global customers. Nowadays, GRGBanking is one of the top 3 vendors within the financial self-service industry worldwide, with more than 330,000 terminals deployed in over 110 countries.
About ESQ:
For over 25 years, ESQ has been one of the top trusted providers of business transaction monitoring and management solutions. These solutions assist banks, credit unions, retailers, and service providers in proactively monitoring and managing their business-critical payment infrastructures. Through a forward-thinking mindset, ESQ leverages the insight of its vast customer base and continues to offer new solutions that are sought out in the industry. ESQ is a global company with headquarters located in Silicon Valley and additional offices in North America, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and India.