GRGBanking Assists BBVA México to Step forward Digital Branches

GRG HONG KONG MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. (“GRGMX”), a subsidiary of GRGBanking, has reached an agreement with BBVA México, the greatest financial institution in Mexico, on providing and maintaining financial self-service equipment. GRGMX has been adjusting and upgrading its products and services to adapt to the Mexican market, and its products have met the strict supplier requirement and qualification standard of BBVA México since 2017.

As one of the innovative banks, BBVA México keeps up with transformation and innovation to deliver a new business model and a higher-level customer experience. It is aimed to provide better digitized financial services, with investment to create new technology, digital channels, products, and services.
the flag-ship branch of BBVA México
The flag-ship branch of BBVA México
Leveraging a customer-oriented approach and innovative solutions, GRGMX has become one of BBVA México’s ATMs suppliers. To empower BBVA México to take another step forward in digital transformation, GRGMX has developed more extensive projects, including omnichannel, digital branch transformation, service maintenance, and many applications.
As a leading innovative solutions provider, GRGBanking promotes technological innovation and industrial transformation in different sectors, including finance, transportation, security, government affairs, convenience retail, and other industries. GRGBanking is one of the top 3 vendors within the self-service financial industry, with more than 330,000 terminals deployed in over 110 countries.
Leveraging in-depth knowledge of innovative technologies and application scenarios, GRGBanking is able to provide tailor-made and innovative solutions. Even under the COVID-19 pandemic, GRGBanking still provides superior products, solutions, and services with high value and innovative technology to customers worldwide.