GRGBanking Won the Bid for the “Modular-based” STM Project of the Bank of Communications

GRGBanking won the bid for the Bank of Communications’ (BoComm) “modular-based” STMs purchasing project (year 2022-2024) to promote branch transformation and digitalization.
As banking services have started integrating with technologies, intellectualization and convenience have become the major trends for branch transformation. Traditional banks began to embrace Fintech and explore innovative banking service journeys to enhance customer satisfaction. In 2022, BoComm and GRGBanking collaborated to develop the “modular-based” STM solution and support various banking transactions for branch transformation.
The “modular-based” STM solution is a comprehensive service platform composed of “General+ 4 functional” modules: the general operational module, cash processing module, credit/debit card and U-Key issuing module, bill processing module, and printing module. The modules support free combination and splitting between each other. Moreover, the STM solution has adopted functional modules for identity authentication and biometric recognition, which can migrate cash and cashless transactions from the counters to deliver multiple counter services, self-services, and humanized consultation for branch efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Modular-based STM Solution
Modular-based STM Solution
Compared to the traditional self-service terminals, the “modular-based” STM solution has an advantage in various aspects.
1. It can be split and recombined to comply with the branch’s demand for different businesses, such as retail banking and corporate banking.
2. The modules can be quickly changed or renewed separately, ensuring that other functional modules are still in use when one is being repaired.
3. The fashionable appearance can greatly enhance the banking brand and give users a pleasant experience.
A smart branch with modular-based STM solution
A smart branch with modular-based STM solution
As a leading innovative solutions provider, GRGBanking has cooperated with major banks in China to develop branch transformation and digitalization solutions in building an innovative and convenient banking ecosystem for customers. So far, GRGBanking has provided innovative and tailored solutions for financial institutions and banks in more than 110 countries and regions, and its global business maintains vigorous growth. In the future, the company will participate in more oversea business to create greater value for its global customers.