GRGBanking Devotes to Building a “Digital Bridge” between Banks and Enterprises

GRGBanking has been concentrating on technology and applications for Fintech. This year, GRGBanking has won bids for smart cashier terminal projects in the Bank of Communications (BCM) Henan Branch and Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Nanyang Branch, and it has also won Information Publishing System projects in Bank of China (BOC) Guangdong Branch and many other banks. These projects have boosted and deepened the collaboration between banks and enterprises.
Industries have begun to adopt digitalized methods to improve efficiency and reduce costs, which promotes the integration of digital technology and businesses, hence the demands for digital transformation and new financial services. Major banks are embedding low-frequent financial services into high-frequent scenarios to motivate business expansion and customer acquisition. Financial Institutes also improve efficiency and customer experience by adopting IoT equipment and systems such as intelligent checkout terminals and solutions.
Based on customers' demands, GRGBanking has collaborated with different institutes to establish intelligent financial solutions for various industries, including tobacco trading, medical care, education, and enterprise management. GRGBanking aims to help banks expand their services to penetrate every aspect of our lives and realize a win-win situation for banks and other industries.
Finance + Scenarios Solutions
Holistic Smart Branch Solution
In recent years, GRGBanking has achieved the deep integration of “finance + scenario” by combining financial services with scenarios, platforms, products, and ecology resources. It has assisted the Guangdong government in establishing the smart government service terminal for rural areas to bring convenience to the public. It has also collaborated with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Shanxi Branch to launch projects such as “Finance+Smart Enterprise” and “Finance+Smart Campus”. In the future, GRGBanking will continue to deliver more Fintech solutions as a “digital bridge” for banks and enterprises to promote cooperation.