GRGBanking got focused by media of Fortune Global Forum

GRGBanking got focused by media of Fortune Global Forum
The 2017 Fortune Global Forum was held in Guangzhou, China on December 6-8th. As one of the intelligent manufacturing enterprises of Guangzhou, GRGBanking was interviewed by the media of Fortune Global Forum. Reporters from XINHUA NEWS, People's Daily, CHINA NATIONAL RADIO, Phoenix Satellite Television, South China Morning Post and the other media visited GRGBanking Industrial Park, learning the story of how GRGBanking has become a leading provider of intelligent solutions in a few years. They also communicated with the relevant executives on how GRGBanking expands the global market with the independent R&D innovation.
Guangzhou TV produced a program of “Guangzhou Power—Transnational Series of Fortune Global Forum”. One of the programs introduced the story of GRGBanking, named “the rise of a Chinese High-tech enterprise”. As early as 10 years ago, GRGBanking had started business with international banks and FIs. Now, with more than 220,000 machines installed, GRGBanking’s products and solutions are widely used in over 80 countries and regions worldwide.
By upgrading the independent technological innovation constantly, GRGBanking has developed some new generations, such as ATM with biometric identification, Video Teller Machine and Smart Teller Machine, which set the new standard of financial self-service solutions to promote the transformation of FLs and achieve their strategies and expectations.
About Fortune Global Forum
Since 1995, the Fortune Global Forum has convened world leaders and the heads of the world’s largest companies on the dynamic frontiers of international commerce. The Fortune Global Forum creates a valuable opportunity for the CEOs of the world’s biggest multinational companies—the Fortune Global 500—to actively engage with China and its leaders from both business and government.
About GRGBanking
GRGBanking is a leading provider of financial intelligent equipment and solutions which is now one of the top 4 manufacturer in the global ATM market. Products and solutions of GRGBanking are widely used in over 80 countries worldwide providing reliability, security and convenience to over 10 million people.