GRGBanking's 21st Anniversary: We Build the New Venture together


About GRGBanking

In the first 21 years, GRGBanking has created a self-transformation & innovation-driven era. With solid foundation in R&D, GRGBanking continuously integrates biometric solution with financial solution, not only dominates China market for 12 years but also accelerates branch automation & digitalization in 80+ countries and regions.

At the end of 2017, GRGBanking conducted a strategic transformation to be a leading innovative solution provider, mainly focusing on finance, transportation, security and convenience retail. 

To support the comprehensive scenarios building, GRGBanking has a good grasp of big data, IoT and other frontier technologies, successfully breaks the barrier of data, algorithm and computing power. So far, it has launched innovative application in various industries. 

“1 General Research Institute + 6 Professional Research Institute", is committed to building an enterprise-level core big data analysis and application platform. The positioning is "Intelligent Terminal + Big Data". At present, GRGBanking has developed more than 410 kinds of intelligent terminals in 33 categories for finance, transportation, convenience tourism and so on. 

GRGBanking  Milestone

2017- present: Upgrading Period - Collaboration

2020 Set the development theme as “Innovation, Collaboration“ 

2019 Big data system was launched 

2017 Transformation as an innovative solution provider 

2006- 2016: Expansion Period- Globalization

2016 VTM solution was launched successfully in DBS, Singapore

2010 Success in European and American bidding, breakthrough in international markets

2007 GRGBanking was Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange

1999- 2005: Initial Period- Self-development for Core Technology

2005 The 1st note validator was launched 

2003 Oversea market was approached and developed

1999 GRGBanking was established in Guagzhou

Business Sectors


Intelligent Finance

Overseas Market

  • GRGBanking President Andy Huang explored innovative strategy expansibility in Southeast Asia

  • GRGBanking Boosts Branch Digitalization in Bangladesh with UCBL

  • GRGBanking’s Virtual Teller Machine in DBS Transforms Elder Employment Opportunities and Improves Branch Efficiency

  • GRGBanking Wins yet Another Breakthrough Project in Thailand

  • ......

Domestic Market

  • GRGBanking Dominates Chinese Financial Equipment Market

  • CCB and GRGBanking built the first unmanned bank in China

  • CCB and GRGBanking upgrade “5G+SmartBranch”

  • GRGBanking Innovates Banking with Face Recognition Solution 

  • ......

Smart Office Building

  • GRGBanking innovative Solutions Facilitate Pandemic Control

  • GRGBanking innovative Solutions Significantly Facilitate Public Life

  • GRGBanking Won Shenzhen Smart Campus Construction Project

  • Smart City Project : The Delivery of Xinyi Video Passgate Management Project

  • ......

Smart Transportation

  • The Largest Metro Face Recognition Project in China was Online

  • GRGBanking Optimizes Travel Experience in Shenzhen

  • GRGBanking Empowers Smart Transportation with Big Data

  • GRGBanking Promotes the Largest Transportation Face Recognition Project in China

  • ......

Convenient Tourism


  • GRGBanking Built “Digital Government” with Big data

  • GRGBanking Launched the First Smart Hotel in China

  • GRGBanking Upgrades China Telecom Unmanned Business hall

  • GRGBanking's Intelligent VTM was Honored at the 40th Anniversary Exhibition of National Reform and Opening 

  • ......


The COVID-19 is still affecting many parts of the world, in the challenging times, GRGBanking would like to give the heartfelt support and solidarity to partners and customers. 

Given the challenges we face, closer cooperation between GRGBanking and global customers is needed, more than ever. GRGBanking will stay in close touch with our partners and customers, to consolidate the friendship and mutual trust, support each other.

Together, GRGBanking builds the new venture to innovate for a better life.