GRGBanking Empowers ICBC to Upgrade the New-Generation Omni-Channel Platform

ICBC has upgraded its self-service channel platform in Chinese market, of which GRGBanking participated in the development of professional experience. The successful landing of next-generation “Omni-Channel platform” is one milestone for branch transformation of ICBC.
GRGBanking Empowers ICBC to Upgrade the New-Generation Omni-Channel Platform
GRGBanking’s iBank Pro Platform
ICBC’s New-generation “Omni-Channel platform” is customized on GRGBanking’s “iBank Pro” solution with big data platform frontend. While upgrading by this platform, more than 80,000 units of ATM and self-service terminal from different manufacturers in branches are integrated and optimized to increase branch efficiency, enhance the customer satisfactions, and reduce operational cost.
“iBank Pro” platform combines the advantages of C/S, B/S and Microservice software architecture, making it possible to support industry popular branch intelligent terminals with different device compatibilities, “iBank Pro” is also able to provide a similar user experience in ATM, CRS, VTM, STM, query machine, card printer and other type of devices for bank branches.
“iBank Pro” has high definition video remote assistance ability and centralized queuing strategy for call allocation allow bank to optimized human resource allocation; centralized and decentralized staff deployment release some branch tellers to focus on product promotion.
This platform can also migrate more than 90% of the traditional service to intelligent devices, offload the traffic from branch counter and allow staffs to put more effects on product promotion to achieve more branch marketing. GRGBanking’s “iBank Pro” solution aims to help banks to create a new channel, enabling to get rapid customizations and maintenance efficiency on branch transformation.