GRGBanking Realizes Intelligent Upgrading in China Metro

GRGBanking developed and launched intelligent customer service solution for metro system, which comprehensively solves the problems of high operation cost, low traffic efficiency of special passenger side gate, and large workload of staff, leveraging its BIM, GIS and 3D visualization, and intelligent technology in several cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Xuzhou, other cities in China. The intelligent solution delivers new experience for metro passengers.
In Shenzhen's Shenyun Metro station, GRGBaning’s ALL IN ONE intelligent customer system enables passengers to use self-service of card recharging, ticket inquiry, biometric registration, E-billing, and other processing functions.
GRGBanking Realizes Intelligent Upgrading in China Metro
Intelligent customer service center
Another successful case is the intelligent customer center in Ningbo metro. The intelligent service platform, which integrated passenger affairs management, ticket inquiry, customer information, and other functions, makes subway service more user-friendly, more convenient, more comprehensive.
With the innovative solution being launched in China metro system, GRGBanking commits to develop “intelligent terminal + innovative technology” solution, so as to help various industries to enhance service quality, management efficiency and maintenance ability.