GRGBanking launches new modularized branch counter service in China Construction Bank

“CCB Modularized Branch Counter” was launched in Guangdong, of which GRGBanking participated in the development with professional experience. On December 26th, 2017, China Construction Bank and GRGBanking jointly established the Intelligent Finance Innovation Laboratory, further promoting the prospective research and market application of big data and artificial intelligence. The landing of "Mobile Financial Services & 5G Intelligent Government Service Mini Branch" brings new era for banking industry. A series of innovative explorations on the smart branch and the "Intelligent + Finance" model have been carried out, the successful landing of “Modularized Branch Counter” is another milestone.
“Modularized Branch Counter” is customized and deployed in different types of branches, in which effectively improve the accessibility of banking financial services to customers. Customers can experience the banking services through “Modularized Branch Counter”. This customized solution truly realized “Intelligent + Financial” one-stop service.
“Modularized Branch Counter” is extremely comprehensive and convenient. It can be integrated with all branch functions based on branch business capabilities.
The customers can experience the “Modularized Branch Counter” through face recognition to enjoy inquiry service, utilities payments, etc. Advanced technologies such as 5G high-speed communication, E-Screen, Auto-Recording Systems are introduced to ensure the intelligent operation and privacy.
GRGBanking has been vigorously extending the innovative finance to more public scenarios. The company will promote industrial transformation with frontier technologies like big data, biometrics, artificial Intelligence, and 5G, creating better life as always.