Unibank Launches the First Batch of GRGBanking's Branch Transformation Solution

Unibank, one of the largest private banks in Azerbaijan, launches the first branch transformation project in its branches, leveraging GRGBanking's bulk cash recycler (P5800L) solution together with the support of local strategic partner Caspa technologies.
P5800L is an ergonomic cash recycling machine with 32-inch screen, which enables flexible settings of cash deposit, withdraw, sorting, serial number tracking, card reading, receipt printing, and supports marketing information delivery and media promotion. By inheriting reliable performance and cost-effective functionality of GRGBanking's recycler technology, P5800L solution is designed machine that requires less cash replenishment volume and significantly cuts down the total operation cost of banks. With the fashionable appearance, it can greatly enhance the banking brand and bring users a much better experience.
Cash Recyler P5800L at Uibank’s branch
Cash Recyler P5800L at Uibank's branch
Unibank focuses on transformation to digital services and uses P5800L as a new opportunity to an epoch of full function. Firstly, Unibank deploys P5800L to Ajami branch, Inshaatchilar branch, Uniplaza branch, as well as other branches, in the future, the bank will install more through its branch network.
Unibank in Azerbaijan
Unibank in Azerbaijan
GRGBanking, together with Caspa technologies, have shown their capability in helping banks achieve rapid growth by reducing operational costs and streamlining the user experience. This strong combination is of great significance to the innovation and integration of local financial services.
So far, GRGBanking has cooperated with banks worldwide in more than 100 countries and regions. This new milestone in Azerbaijan strengthens GRGBanking's influence as a leading financial solution provider. In the future, the company will continue innovating solutions with innovative technology. Furthermore, GRGBanking will participate in various industrial businesses overseas to create greater value for its global customers as a leading innovative solutions provider.
About Unibank
Unibank is one of the largest private banks established in Azerbaijan in July 1992 under the name of MBank. It was established on 15 October 2002 as a result of the merger of the two advanced private commercial banks of Azerbaijan MBANK and PROMTEKHBANK and renamed to Unibank. As one of the leading banks of Azerbaijan, Unibank takes into account the needs of their customers in different regions and offers financial products and services of a global nature that are simultaneously adapted to local market.
About GRGBanking
GRGBanking is a well-known provider in the intelligent finance industry, and aims to become a leading innovative solutions provider in the world with its advanced technologies and solutions. Leveraging in-depth knowledge of innovative technology and applicable scenarios, GRGBanking builds solutions with high value, short deployment times and cost efficiency for its global customers.