Halyk Boosts Branch Digitalization with SEM Solution

JSC Halyk Bank, one of the largest universal commercial banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, launches the innovative branch transformation project in its branch network, leveraging advanced smart embosser solution from GRGBanking together with local strategic partner Neoservice LLC.
Smart Embosser Machine (SEM) is an intelligent terminal designed to expedite the card issuance process. This solution can be integrated with bank card application systems to provide customers with a smooth experience when issuing new cards. Leveraging robust security and reliable performance of GRGBanking’s embossing technology, bank customers can select both options, which can be printed and embossed characters for tailored customization. With the fashionable appearance, it can greatly enhance the banking brand and bring users a much better experience.
Smart Embosser Machine at Kazakhstan’s branch
Smart Embosser Machine at Kazakhstan’s branch
Halyk Bank focuses on transformation to digital services and uses SEM solution as an opportunity to new customer experience. This year, Halyk Bank has deployed over 120 units SEMs to Almaty, Atyrau, Kyzylorda, Nursultan, Shymkent, Taldykorgan, Tusrkestan, Aktau, Zhambyl, Aktobe, Uralsk as well as some other cities in Kazakhstan. In the future, the bank will install more SEM solutions through its branch network to reduce the need for counter services.
GRGBanking, together with Neoservice LLC, have shown their capability in helping banks achieve rapid growth by enhancing operation efficiency and streamlining the user experience. This strong combination is of great significance to the innovation and integration of local financial services.
So far, GRGBanking has cooperated with banks worldwide in more than 100 countries and regions. This new milestone in Kazakhstan strengthens GRGBanking’s influence as a leading financial solution provider. In the future, the company will continue innovating solutions with advanced technology. Furthermore, GRGBanking will participate in various industrial businesses overseas to create greater value for its global customers as a leading innovative solutions provider.
About JSC Halyk Bank
JSC Halyk Bank is the largest universal commercial bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has been successfully operating for the benefit of its customers. JSC Halyk Bank was founded in 1923 and is headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The mission of JSC Halyk Bank is still to provide services in Kazakhstan and a number of other countries in all segments of the financial market (banking, insurance, securities, leasing) in accordance with international standards, thereby ensuring the safety, efficient placement and accumulation of funds of customers and shareholders.
About GRGBanking
GRGBanking is a well-known provider in the intelligent finance industry, and aims to become a leading innovative solutions provider in the world with its advanced technologies and solutions. Leveraging in-depth knowledge of innovative technology and applicable scenarios, GRGBanking builds solutions with high value, short deployment times and cost efficiency for its global customers.