GRGBanking’s 22nd Anniversary Conference was Successfully Held

On July 8, GRGBanking held its 22nd Anniversary Commemorative Conference in Guangzhou Science City Industrial Park. Conference attendees included Professor Lai Jianhuang, Chief Scientist of Machine Vision, Professor Xue Quan, Chief Scientist of 5G, Dr. Chen Ye, Chief Scientist of AIoT, Wang Guizhi, Chief Consultant of Fintech, Professor Fan Bingbing from South China Normal University, leaders of Guangzhou Radio Group (GRG), and senior managers of GRGBanking.
Staying true to original aspiration to promote innovative technology
Over the first 22 years, GRGBanking has mastered recycling technology, self-developed its own core module, and made China the third country in the world that owns the key technology of financial equipment independently. With solid foundation in R&D, GRGBanking continuously integrates innovative technology and solution with fintech and smart city, not only dominates China financial terminal market for 13 years, but also promotes industrial transformation with frontier technologies and accelerates innovation and digitalization in 100+ countries and regions.
Innovation, scenarios & application
After reviewing the sustained and steady development in the past years and profoundly explaining the strategic upgrading layout for the next years, GRGBanking also emphasized“aiCore system”, the future enterprise-level data analytics platform which can allow enterprises to rapidly deploy one-stop business intelligence applications. With this system, enterprises in all fields will embrace the era of big data without hiring a large number of AI engineer nor purchasing expensive computing power, which significantly reduces AI transformation costs.
GRGBanking has widely applied intelligent terminals, big data platform and blockchain technology in smart branches, smart transportation, smart checking, smart security, smart government affairs, smart education, convenience tourism, and other scenarios.

Andy Huang, the president of GRGBanking, indicated during the conference,“Our customers are our number one priority. GRGBanking supplies products and services from various sectors in over 100 countries globally. Our comprehensive product portfolio means that we are active in many value chains and value creation networks. We use various business strategies, which we adapt to the needs of individual industries and markets. We want to be our customers’most attractive partner for all challenges that can be solved with innovative solutions. This is why we continue to drive forward our focus on customers and their needs. In addition, GRGBanking will concentrate on Fintech and Smart City with innovation and frontier technologies including data, algorithm, computing power, and scenario and aim at upgrading the traditional industries.”

Today the global digital economy is much more integrated than in the past and it is also growing very fast in China. As a leading innovative solutions provider, GRGBanking will participate in developing and maximizing the potential of the growing digital economy.