Cash Sorters
Sorting solutions optimize the cash management process.
CM Compact Series-Intelligent Banknote Sorting Machine

CM Compact Series

Intelligent Banknote Sorting Machine

CM200VN, CM300N and CM400N are newest release of GRG's sorting products, balancing productivity, cost, dimension & maintenance as ideal cash sorting solutions for CIT companies and banks. GRG unveils new design concept to adapt development trends of sorting business, making CM Compact Series more robust products as well. Not only does it inherit traits from former generation but also absorbed new ideas from market. Real time status & record (including optional OCR) integrated with management/surveillance system helps to realize purposive and centralized management. Android and escorted Google's long-term support, whose anti-virus strategy ensures stability & safety and an excellent choice because of its advantage in open source & underlying development & virus defending. A long-term strategy of GRG technology roadmap will be a good guarantee for it.
CM200VN, CM300N and CM400N are integrated with comprehensive hardware & software solution, requiring only small space to deliver powerful functionalities. Banks & CIT companies will benefit from their reliable cash handling service at a 780-1,100pcs/min high speed.
Precise Cash Processing
Involve state-of-art identification and verification technologies to make new generation sorter more effective and efficient. Flexible sorting schemas makes is possible to achieve business requirement from bank branches in one sorting transaction
Optimum User Experience
● 4.3-inch touch screen and interactive operation make the interaction more convenient and instinctive
● Innovative compact design generates more stable, smaller, lighter new devices
● Multi communication interfaces make it easy to extend external devices, such as LCD, printer, etc.
● Two reject stackers distinguish reject notes from counterfeits (only for CM400 compact)
● Brand-new noisy control technology Convenient Maintenance
● A shining smile lights up your mood
Sorting Report Management
● Support integrating with backstage management/surveillance system to track sorting record  &  to trace each banknote, to realize centralized management
● Customer could check sorting report on machine or export them to external devices like flash disk, other storage device as well for further analysis
● Connect with printer for instant sorting report printing (configurable)
● Recognize and store OCR in sorting record (optional)
Convenient Maintenance
● Ergonomics design, horizontal stacker in favor of users' operation
● Users have full access to banknote transport to remove jammed notes and conduct cleaning
● Support remote updating and diagnosis (optional, cooperated with management system)

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