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CM600-Large-scale Sorting Machine


Large-scale Sorting Machine

GRG's CM600 is a high performance banknote sorting machine with 6 stackers, designed for large volume cash processing in cash center of CIT company and bank. With reliable performance, advanced cash recognition technology and comprehensive management software, the machines are able to provide one-stop cash sorting automation solution to cash centers.
It is featured with cutting-edge banknote detection technology to improve cash processing speed and accuracy. By utilizing CIS (Contact Image Sensor) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, image of both sides as well as serial number of the banknote can be captured and recorded.
The Windows Embedded platform ensures the system's scalability and 7-inch large LCD touch screen enhances user experience. Extendable configuration based on main cash sorting unit facilitates various cash processing scenarios in cash center and back office of bank branch.
Precise Cash Processing
- Professional and comprehensive banknote detection technology;
- Diversified banknote sorting schemes;
- Automatic serial number capturing;
- Able to process paper and Polymer note;
Optimum User Experience
- 7 " LCD touch screen;
- Non-stop operation hopper;
- Automated present stacker;
- Support USB, RS-232 and LAN interface;
Easy Maintenance
- Quick and easy access to the banknote transporter to remove jammed notes and conduct cleaning;
- Configured with dust collection plate to fast clean the dust;
- Supports remote updating and diagnosis;
Sorting Report Management
- Customer can check sorting report on the machine;
- Support sorting report printing and uploading;
- Configured with SECOne security solution to protect the system and files from software attack.

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