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iBank-Omni-Channel Solution


Omni-Channel Solution

By combining high-tech and high touch with intelligent self-service kiosks, GRGBanking Omni-channel solution helps bank to create a new channel with virtual counter-like service experience. This solution can migrate more than 90% of the traditional counter service to intelligent devices, offload the traffic from branch counter and allow staffs to put more effects on product promotion to achieve precise marketing. With such solution implemented, banks have the ability to get rapid customizations on innovative business.
HD Video Call to Keep High Tough with Customer
Face-to-face counterlike experience.
Secured transmission.
Centralized and decentralized recording.
Integrated with software and hardware video.
Co-Browse Service to Increase Service Quality
Terminal screen co-browse and remote control from video teller.
Video teller can assist customer to complete STP transactions.
Video teller can highlight key points to customer during non-STP transactions and product promotions.
Intelligent Queue for Better Service
Service request will be routed to an appropriate teller who can provide the required service with such skillset.
Video call forwarding for product promotion and cross selling.
High priority user will be served first.
Biometric Authentication to Achieve Excellent User Experience
Unique, secured, easy to carry and use for every customer.
Simplify the KYC process.
Release teller from low value-added repetitive tasks.

Together, we work towards intelligent finance.