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eCAT-Multi-Vendor Self-Service Terminal Software Platform


Multi-Vendor Self-Service Terminal Software Platform

In case of using vendor-dependent ATMC, it is difficult to make new types of devices go online in a short term, due to difficulties of connecting   new devices to your host system, maintain different vendors' devices and hard to extend innovative business in the feature. eCAT is a flexible multi-vendor software platform for self- service terminals. With abundant and full - scale graphical development tools, it is fast and easy to be installed and integrated across multi- channel terminals. eCAT reduces cost and risk for your new services and reacts to your customer expectation in a faster way on both current and future facilities.
Easy and Fast Deployment
Graphical and configurable user interface make transaction flow alteration as simple as the drag-and-drop operation. Altering and building applications is no longer time and labor consuming, and configuration can be easily done by any trained IT personnel without changing source code. The intuitive integrated development environment enables easy and fast update of your new application.
Flexible Customization
The wide range of GRG Visual Express increases efficiency and convenience to build new application or add functions to existing solutions with re-usable resources, providing maximum flexibility for customization. The modifiable code is written in C#, so no need to use a special programming language for alteration. All customization can be accomplished in a standard development environment.
Intrinsic Security
To guarantee the stable operation of self -service terminals, GRG eCAT prioritizes security to overcome the latest threats and challenges. eCAT complies with EMV Level 2 certification , supports 3DES, SHA-256, RSA, SM2, SM3, SM4,in line with bank card device security standards , and fulfills international norms, standards and specification, such as PCI/PA DSS, China ATM Security Requirements.
Multi-Host support
Has the capability of connection hybrid host environments, including ISO8583 and NDC / DDC /IFX / Web Service host, which can rapidly connect to difficult bank host infrastructures. Reduce the deployment time.

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