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aDep-Web-based Cash Management Solution


Web-based Cash Management Solution

Although many non-cash payment technologies emerge in recent years, cash remains the predominant payment medium in most regions and countries. In this “Cash is still King” world, cash operation, cash transit and internal risk prevention create extremely high costs for involved parties in cash circle, including retailers, CITs and banks. In long run, margins are squeezed and cash management efficiency is harmed.

Aiming at solving pain-points for retailers, GRG develops its Intelligent Cash Collections Solution. With a software management platform called FEEL aDep, the solution offers an automatic cash processing experience to retailers in the store. The value proposition of this solution is to streamline the workflow of cash management and to free employees from repeated manual cash counting. It increases cash management efficiency while saving labor costs for retailers.

● Easy to use terminal application.
● Deposit, duty shift, cash up, diagnose and report etc.
● Clear authorizations for different characters.
● Web-based platform for device and transaction monitoring, statistics, and report.
● Provide host-link for easily integration with existing system.
● Online deployment to meet IOT trend

Together, we work towards intelligent finance.