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GRGesm-Endpoint Security Management


Endpoint Security Management

GRGBanking’s endpoint security management (GRGesm) is one of the key parts for a Security Operations Center (SOC) solution. GRGesm focuses on handling endpoint security, network access control and anti-virus. These three categories aim to provide a turnkey solution for endpoint security management. It can provide continuous safety protection for your business operations, which is suitable for both office and financial equipment environments.

• Centralized asset and security policy management for all connected endpoints.
• Whitelisting process for file and access control.
• USB devices and flash disk control to prevent illegal endpoint access and avoid potential security threats.
• Intelligent anti-virus modules to protect the endpoint against viruses, malicious software, ransomware, trojans or other security breaches and attacks.
• Integrated with Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) and other popular security technologies.

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