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CDM6240N-Lengthways Single Banknote Dispenser


Lengthways Single Banknote Dispenser

Lengthways CDM6240N features high banknote dispensing speed of 3 notes/s. Its high-end banknote detection tech forbids invalid note in every transaction. Its compact structure can effectively save room in machine cabinet. The transport unit in the module is enclosed to prevent dust so that it can withstand harsh environment. The transport unit is also openable to facilitate bill jam solving. The offline diagnosis system makes trouble shooting faster. CDM6240N is a choice which you’ll never regret for.
●  Highend Banknote Detection Tech
●  Compact Structure
●  Dustproof Transport Unit
●  Cassette with Security Lock
●  High Banknote Dispensing Speed
●  Expandable To 6 Cassettes
●  Openable Transport Unit
●  Offline Diagnosis System

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