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Payment Aggregation Solution

Customer payment big data is one of the very key factors in the Internet Finance Ecosystem. Banks can acquire new-to-bank customers and provide precise marketing to existing customers with very minimal cost by analyzing such data. GRGBanking offers traditional and digital banks as well as payment companies and other financial institutions with highly tailored payment aggregation solutions. By integrating local popular payment gateways, you can provide single entry authentication to your payment partners and become the one-stop shop for your customers.

✓ Proven at scale
✓ Digital wallet combined with reward points and tickets
✓ Mature merchant management
Payment Aggregation Solution

Retail Loan Solution

GRGBanking provides an open banking platform to help banks and other industries gain the ability to integrate loan services onto their platforms. These services will be converted into standardized SDKs & APIs, which help retail partners issue online consumer loans to their customers with a new business model, making a win-win cooperation relationship for the retailer and the bank.

✓ Perfect system performance with high elasticity
✓ Acquire new customer at low cost
✓ Extend your service coverage
Retail Loan Solution

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