GRGBanking is the leading company of financial processing industry with its own core technologies for cash processing, financial security. With the advanced technologies, we are helping our customers to realize their innovative ideas and requirements in various territories, like banking, retail, transportation, hotel, casino, hospital, etc.

OEM Modules Best Practices

G-Lock Solution

A CIT company in Latin America is using our Dynamic Code Lock solution to improve the security of their CIT operations, applying it in several local banks including some large international banks. Powered by the physical structure of G-lock, all the codes are changing all the time. No longer will the mission staffs need to worry about password leak. With iGMS and SMS interaction, the CIT mission manager can easily distribute and manage the mission, security guards as well as the passwords. It saves time, energy and money, and it is more secure to manage the CIT missions with G-lock solutions.

Smart Passport/ID Reader

An Australian customer integrates SIDR-001 in a check-in machine, using in Hotel, Casino and Club. With a counterfeit detection algorithm, SIDR-001 could scan the passport or driver license of the visitors to record the portrait, name and address automatically, replace the record by hand. It improves the efficiency of counter services and the user's experience as well as reduces the cost of transactions that require manual ID authentication. When the outbreak of COVID-19, it ensure could get the contact with the visitors for social security issue.

Fast Cash Deposit Module

A CIT company from Latin America used CA-10 to develop fast deposit machine for supermarket and gas station. With this solution, the staff can deposit large amount sales income in a short time rather than going to the bank counter every day. The amount will go into their bank account immediately after the deposit. The CIT company only need to take away the money when the cash bag is nearly full. It not only enhances the security but also saves a lot of time and cost, as well as easy to be deployed owing to its tiny size.

Smart Cash Acceptor

A Manufacturer from Europe use BA-08 to develop a solution for Retail market in Spain. The mini single note and ticket acceptor BA-08 with precise and reliable recognition on the notes is very suitable for low volume transaction scenarios. With such cost-effective solution deployed in small shops, the tellers could deposit at any time, which minimize their operation cost and time while enhance the security , leading to a high-security guarantee and convenient operation. BA-08 also recommended to be used for gambling machines in Casino, Ticket vending machines for Public Transportation, Payment terminals for Parking etc.

Intelligent Cash Dispenser

CDM8240N is not only an ideal solution for ATMs but for other self-service application, an European Manufacturer develops machines with this module for USA, Canada, and South Africa's Casino. Its superior processing performance, high reliability and flexible capacity bring the customer satisfied experience. Customer in casino fancy its features like easy-to-use, fast response etc. Whilst it is easy to operate and lower-cost to maintain, great improve the Management of the Casinos.

Smart Cash Recycling Module

A company from Europe intergrates GRG BR-15N as Ticket Vending Machine for metro station. With this solution, people can buy the tickets and change in a short time instead of queueing up for purchasing the tickets from the conductor. It is a banknote recycling module supporting single cash acceptance and bundle change dispensing with advanced cash validation technology, which could be intergrated for various scenarios like transportation, retail, casino industry, etc., in order to fulfil the demands from different customers.

Smart Cash Dispensing Module

A new generation of innovative information technology service company has developed a turnkey solution with GRG cash dispenser CDM6240N and bill acceptor BA-08 module in Bitcoin industry for different countries, supporting the use of digital assets for cash on ATMs, or deposit cash to purchase digital assets. CDM6240N is an cost-effective and easy operation with low maintance cost solution, with high-end banknote detection technology and safety, which is recommended to be used for retail market, Ticket vending machines for Public Transportation, Self-Service Payment terminals for change etc. CDM6240N is very suitable used in the country or the region which is with high-value of banknotes but less volume.

Intelligent Cash Dispenser

CDM6240 is a single cash dispenser with high security, large capacity and intellgent module for Retail ATM, Ticket vending machine and the other self-service application, which offers high and stable peformance at low cost from those customers who intergrated the machines with it. One European manufacture who is mainly for Casino industry has intergrated the module into their redemption system for the customers, from where they can withrawal the money with their RFID card. Customers will no need to carry the banknotes during the time they are in the gambling house, which brings customer satifised experience.

Intelligent Cash Recycling Module

One manufacturer from Europe cooperates with GRG for over 5 years and have purchased more than 5,000 units CRM9250 until now. As cash recycler solution, CRM9250 is integrated in the machines by the manufacturer mainly for different banks to use. In order to adapt to market changes and new demands, GRG actively cooperated with this manufacturer to develop some new functions, like black list function, security solution, etc., enhancing market competitiveness of our products and established our good reputation.

Flexible Intelligent cash recycling module

Released to overseas markets in 2018, CRM9250N received many active feedbacks from oversea market, mainly in Europe, Asia and North America. A manufacturer from Europe already developed one outstanding terminal with this module for local banks and there would be a big demand in the near future. With the same cash recycler system as CRM9250, its advantages are larger capacity of cassettes, more flexible denominations to be recycled and new NV with more advanced technologies.