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FasTer A2-Face Recognition Terminal

FasTer A2

Face Recognition Terminal

Driven by an embedded Linux system, our face recognition terminal can provide fast response time and stable performance in diverse scenarios such as access control, attendance logging, visitor management, and much more. Integrated with our industry-leading face recognition algorithm, our solution can authenticate faces in a matter of milliseconds using thousands of offline databases. Additionally, by using our modular design management system, customers can effectively manage all users and terminals via easy web-access.
Innovative contactless experience
Integrated with innovative artificial intelligence technology, face recognition, FasTer A2 can fulfill a true sense of touchless experience compare to card swiping or fingerprint verification.
Fast  &  Accurate recognition technology
Powered by self-developing industry-leading face recognition algorithms, FasTer A2 can provide the ultimate fast experience to users for identity verification. Enhancing the user experience with better security and more convenience.
Various specification support flexible application
Versatile specifications of FasTer A2 meet diverse requirements from different industries. Not only support working alone but also help to establish a network as better control via instant communication with the back-end system.

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