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GRGBanking's smart solutions have been widely used in industries other than finance. When your customers need to handle transactions in hotels, mobile service providers and other scenarios in a hassle free and efficient manner, GRGBanking provides these self-service solutions for you.

Smart Hotel Lobby Solution

Our smart check-in machine is a solution which transforms the traditional hotel guests’ check-in experience to a highly efficient self-service solution.

✓ Integrate functions of booking, checking-in and checking-out
✓ Support mobile and other flexible payments methods
✓ Fast identity verification and optional biometric registration
✓ Open hotel rooms without room cards using biometrics

The machine can be integrated with local public security systems, which provides secure ID verification services. With this solution, customers no longer have to worry about losing room keys or long check-in times.
Smart Hotel Lobby Solution

Smart Telecom Solution

Our smart SIM card dispenser integrates these following functions:

✓ Opening and issuing new SIM cards accounts
✓ Reward points redemption
✓ Mobile and POS payment plans

Customers no longer have to wait in line for telecommunication transactions. Telecom operators or staff can develop better marketing strategies to boost both sales and revenue volume instead of handling mundane and repetitive tasks.
Smart Telecom Solution

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