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Technology is a great ally to optimize the resources of a building and to improve its security.
I61MH-Smart Visitor Kiosk


Smart Visitor Kiosk

Smart visitor kiosk is an ideal self-service machine for visitor management from GRGBnaking. Driven by face recognition and intelligent ID reading technologies, the host can easily verify visitors' identities as different ID documents. Innovative interaction business flow on the machine, allows visitors to experience efficient and friendly operation all the time. Connecting with the back-end management system, FEEL Access System, all data will be store and track in real-time or further. Create a completed digital era of visitor management for your company.
Cuttingedge Design  &  Ideal Option
The compact design of the smart kiosk ensures easy deployment in most scenarios of office areas. Affordable price with modular design inside, save your cost from the beginning to the end.
Innovative Interaction Language
Integrate with self-developed face recognition and ID reading technologies. The smart kiosk allows visitors to fill in all information efficiently when the host finishes KYC of them at the same time. Improve the working efficiency via great smooth self-service.
Full-scale Management
All data will be transferred to the back-end system to store and monitor in real-time when connecting with FEEL Access System is available. Managers can always know about all status of visitors inside the building. Enhance security protection all the time in your office area.

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