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GRGHub-Interactive Smart Screen


Interactive Smart Screen

The GRGHub is a versatile device that helps you improve meeting efficiency with innovative interaction. Transfer traditional workload into digital way with various technologies such as wireless share, digital whiteboard, video conferencing. Redefine the conferencing environment with a better experience.
Smart interactive whiteboard
The digital interactive whiteboard allows every participant to write down every inspiring idea during the meeting. Multiple share methods, including QR code scanning, email share, PDF download, simplify meeting notes with efficient experience.
Versatile wireless sharing
With a short click on the accessory connecting with your laptop, all contents can share on the GRGHub for everyone to watch. No more wire connection trouble and easy control. Operation on GRGHub also supports real-time interaction to your PC for PPT demonstration.
Multiple video conferencing
Big screen and ultra specification on GRGHub allows efficient video conferencing with multi-channels. Talk to your colleagues or customers everywhere in every time.

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