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CPC Management System-CiT Solution

CPC Management System

CiT Solution

In the traditional CiT business process,with the large amount of cash and machines, it is easy to make mistakes. Besides, the security level cannot be ensured. GRGBanking established a set of effective management procedures, combined with advanced technical methods to solve these problems.

FEEL Schedule

Intelligent Fleet Scheduling System

●Real-time monitoring
●Precise tasks time-setting
●Intelligent task estimation & APP available

FEEL Schedule embedded AI+GIS technology to automatically generate the dispatching plan with optimized resources, configurations and fleet routes for cash management tasks dispatching.
FEEL CashFore

Intelligent Cash Forecasting System

●Predict cash usage amount
●7*24-service with no restriction
●Flexible adjustment

Maintain an adequate amount of cash in ATMs by monitoring remaining cash, forecasting future demands for appropriate timing replenishment.
Through the combination of software and hardware, the cash processing center's efficiency of inventory can be improved.


FEEL Cash Management System is a tailored solution for cash center management which includes Cassette Loading and Deploying, Cash Processing Management, Reconciliation Management and Vault Management. By utilizing technologies of IoT and biometrics solutions, it monitors and optimizes cash processing procedures including cash loading and deploying, hand over/take over, vault management, automatic reconciliation etc. This solution covers every single step in cash sorting, which can greatly improve the efficiency of sorting at the same time guarantee the security.

Together, we work towards intelligent finance.