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Core Banking System-New Generation Core Banking Platform

Core Banking System

New Generation Core Banking Platform

The new generation core banking system helps bank to build a “steady-agile” infrastructure, which on one hand, can rapidly response to innovative business demands, while keeping it secured and steady.
This solution is capable for the exploding increasing from Internet business, supporting hundreds of millions of big data and high concurrency transaction, achieving a 20-times boost on system performance. Industry leading architecture makes it independent from hardware specifications, database vendors and etc., the investment on infrastructure can significantly cut down. System reliability is financial level 99.999%, with limited, controlled and isolated malfunctioned risk effects.
This new generation core banking system helps bank to rapidly rollout new products, in-depth customer analysis, provide differentiated services and scenes, fully digitalized operations and gain total risk control, achieving tech empowered digital banking.
Support High Surge & High Concurrence Transaction Volume
High availability and reliability.
Fully distributed architecture to support high concurrence, high surge and high transaction volume.
Decoupled Transaction & Accounting Modules
Modular design, decouple system logic modules.
Microservice architecture and DevOps based, easy to maintain and expand.
Open Solution
IOE off.
Support virtualized deployment.
Excellent System Performance
Daily online transaction capability increased to 7000 TPS.
Superior system batch run time.
Capable for managing tens of millions of accounts.
Capable to support tens of millions of daily transactions at peak.

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