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Open Banking Platform-Banking Service Without Borders

Open Banking Platform

Banking Service Without Borders

Fintech connects banking services to Internet, open banking platform builds a banking ecosystem for business revolution and creating values. This platform creates diversified financial service scenes to customer in this ecosystem, by combining and digitizing tourism, transportation, medical and other public services.
Open banking platform is an ideal solution for banking operation in the Internet era, it enhances the Internet financial service abilities of the bank, as well as the Internet business developments, simplify the customer acquiring, achieve better user experience and enter the Long Tail market.
Powerful technology integration ability
Support industry popular communication protocols:
-HTTP 1.0/1.1, HTTPS
-TCP Socket
Support industry popular message protocols:
-SOAP 1.2/1.1/1.0
-Fixed Length
-Other customized message formats
Standardized API & SDK
Modular design, decouple system logic modules.
Microservice architecture and DevOps based, easy to maintain and expand.
Mature System Security
Network security
Connection security
System reliability
Data security
Access and authority control Interface security
Online Operation
Third-party developer self-service support
Online product definition & development
Online product registration
Online product release & operation

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