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Mobile Banking Platform-Mobility with Safe & Cost-effective

Mobile Banking Platform

Mobility with Safe & Cost-effective

Digital banking delivers services via mobile App or Internet banking, customer can enjoy the these secured and high efficient financial or other innovative services, anywhere anytime.
The mobile banking platform is pre-built with abundant UI components to create an excellent user experience, the industry leading secured authentication mechanisms protect customer accounts and sensitive information via user password, SMS OTP, device binding, cloud certifications, Bluetooth key and etc.
Completed Security Protection
Client authentication.
User identification.
Sensitive data protection.
Secured local data coach.
Open Solution
IOE off.
Support virtualized deployment.
Omni-Channel Architecture
Support mobile banking & Internet banking.
Support consumer and corporate banking.
Excellent System Performance
Microservice architecture for reliability and elasticity.
Asynchronous system design to support non-clogging workflow and high concurrency transaction volume.
Superior UI loading speed.

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