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RCM-001-Smart Card Return Module


Smart Card Return Module

RCM-001 is one of the smart card module that combines the function of staging the retained card and returning according to the registration process. This module supports the main card reader in the market, which can be installed in all kinds of self-service machines. It also can be divided into core module and permanent recycling slots at the same time supports side access and rear access.
1) With card retaining function, it can temporarily store or permanently retain the card from the card reader;
2) With the function of returning the card, it can withdraw the card with specific information;
3) Support manually cleaning of cards in abnormal status;
4) With online firmware downloading and upgrading function;
5) With module status indicator;
1) Simple to operate, high reliability, and easy maintenance;
2) Fast speed of retaining and returning cards;
3) Match well with popular card reader;
4) Support to install on popular ATM models;

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