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PassGate T200-High Speed Gate

PassGate T200

High Speed Gate

The PassGate T200 is a smart high-speed gate that integrates industry-leading biometric recognition technology like face recognition to enhance user identification with liveness detection. Extra temperature measurement modules also help realize functions for non-contact body temperature measurements for epidemic prevention or other emergencies. The fashionable industrial design PassGate T200 makes itself a reliable means of replacing manual identification and temperature measurement process in various scenarios like business parks, residential communities, and more.
Transcendental temperature reading
Ultra thermal camera integration ensures long distance and fast temperature reading for multiple passengers. A combination with the black body also enhances the high-level accuracy of checking compared to other products in the market.
Outstanding face recognition technology
Industry-leading self-developed face recognition technology fulfills real no sense experience without interaction. Fast reading speed and accurate recognition result always satisfy customers' experience.
Diverse identity verification options
Except for traditional contactless card reading and QR code reading for identity verification of passengers, PassGate T200 also supports innovative face recognition technology for diverse access verification.

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