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PassGate G300-High Speed Gate

PassGate G300

High Speed Gate

GRGBanking high-speed gate is an intelligent access control terminal that integrates with a self-developed facial recognition algorithm. It can be widely deployed in multiple scenarios, such as business parks, office buildings, communities, etc. PassGate G300 can observably promote the security of access control when it can also reduce the time for passengers to authenticate identity with its unique features of biometric verification.
Fast response  &  Stable performance
Powered by DC brushless motor, PassGate G300 can provide accurate arm positioning and fast response during each passage. Optimize customer experience with enhanced security protection.
Cuttingedge  &  Userfriendly design
Robust industrial design with durable stainless metal and PMMA ensure a fashional outlook of gates in diverse scenarios. Flexible lane width adjustment supports more requirements for multiple passengers.
Outstanding face recognition technology
Industry-leading self-developed face recognition technology fulfills real no-sense experience without interaction. Fast reading speed and accurate recognition result always satisfy customers' experience.

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