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Information Publishing System-IPS

Information Publishing System


Manage all your marketing promotions with our Information Publishing System (IPS). As long as you have a screen that runs on an Android or Windows system, our IPS can control what content is displayed, at what time of the day, and at what location. Gone are the days where you worry about having outdated marketing promotions on your advertising displays. With pre-loaded marketing programs included, you can give your customer a more interactive experience. The programs can be customized to your needs making sure all your marketing promotions are always up to date.
Customized Marketing Programs
Our free trial includes 1 free interactive marketing program that can be used in your branch lobbies. The content inside the program can be changed to match your branch design.
With a central management platform, you can easily configure any screen with an Android or Windows system with a couple of clicks.
Flexible Control Settings
Control your marketing timelines, content, and location. With our system, you can select which branches show certain programs. Never fall behind on marketing campaigns again.
Multi-Vendor Solution
Whether you source from GRG or other advertising screen suppliers, our system just requires you to install an application to benefit from all its functions. Adding/removing screens in the system is as simple as a few clicks away.
Automatic Resolution Adjustments
Regardless of aspect ratios and resolutions, our platform is tailored to fit all shapes and sizes for promotions.

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