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Precise Marketing Solution-PMS

Precise Marketing Solution


Provide an innovative AI solution for your existing customers using our precise marketing solution. Analyze customer data and transaction behavior to create a detailed customer profile and better promote specific products tailored to your customers. Take away from the guessing game and provide an enhanced customer experience based on individual customer historical data. There is no better way to truly know your customer needs and habits.
Thorough Customer Profile
Create comprehensive customer profiles with data from every channel and thirdparty sources.
Biometrics Convenience
Know all registered customers as soon as they arrived at the bank branch with face recognition.
Customer Behavior Insights
With the power of machine learning to gain critical insights and create personalized customer engagement.
Consistent VIP Experience
Provide a successful and satisfying experience during every interaction whenever the customers visit any bank branch.
Tailored Customer Engagement
Deliver personalized customer experiences and promote products precisely throughout the customer journey.

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