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VIP Recognition Solution

Digitalization done wrong can impact the banking business. Branch channels now need to put more focus on servicing to increase the customer acquisition. GRGBanking offers a highly-tailored turn-key solution that can help branch staff unconsciously recognize customers and provide tailored services at the same time. By integrating with ECIF, CRM, suitable products and services will be recommended to achieve precise marketing based on your VIP customer historical profile to promote the right products to the right person.

✓ Unconscious customer recognition
✓ Proven at scale
✓ Fixable deployment and easy to use

Face Recognition Devices
Multi-modal Biometric Platform
VIP Recognition Solution

Smart Queuing Solution

Having long queues in branches is a double-edged sword. GRGBanking’s smart queueing solution can turn digitize your processes. Digitizing the branch reception with industry leading technologies and online service channels, customers are able to do a reservation online before approaching bank branch to avoid crowd and long waiting time, gain better in-branch experience.

✓ Hardware independent
✓ Centralized deployment for easy maintenance
✓ Open and flexible for customization
✓ Digitalization and convenience
Smart Queuing Solution

E-KYC Solution

GRGBanking’s eKYC solution is a turn-key solution for branch reception and counter areas. It is aimed to assist branch staff with KYC procedures using industry leading biometric authentication technologies, which release staff from doing repetitive manual tasks to focus on more value-added services and product promotions.

✓ Biometric authentication algorisms ready
✓ Capable of support multiple ID types
✓ Customized design logic
E-KYC Solution

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